The 28-Day 'Pole Kickstart' Challenge

We'll need some information to help determine the challenge is right for you. If your application is successful then one of our studio managers will be in touch to answer any of your questions. FYI, our studio managers have been advised to not ask for any type of payment on this call. To apply, fill out the application form and click 'Submit My Application'.

Next Kickstart Challenge starts:
Take the challenge and in just 28 days, we'll transform the way you exercise with our Pole & Aerial Kickstart program. Even if you’ve never tried Pole before, our unique training methodology will surprise you as you rapidly improve your strength and flexibility on your way to becoming a Pole-fessional!
Owner of The Pole Room
Sarah's Story: From Rock Bottom to Stronger than Ever! 
"I started here [at The Pole Room] just over a year ago. My best friend joined and convinced me to come with her because I was miserable. Coming to The Pole Room I was able to find myself again and it just took away all of those negative feelings that I had about myself, my body. I’ve found who I am here, I’ve found my friends, I’ve found my family, I’ve just found everything here and that’s something that only The Pole Room can offer."

1,863+ Success Stories and Counting... Will You Be Next?
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Check out what some of our clients have said about us on Google and Facebook...
A very friendly and encouraging environment to learn in. Everybody is encouraging you to succeed. Would encourage anyone to give it a go, you will surprise yourself! - Caitlyn
A fun, exciting, exciting and loving environment at The Pole Room. I would highly recommend everyone to The Pole Room. - Rochelle Cook
Beautiful, friendly, down to earth and accepting community, that I've never found at another pole dancing school. On top of this, gorgeous and professional instructors - Helen
This is an amazing and supportive studio! It is always fun to go and while the classes are challenging they don't feel like a workout because they are so fun! - Caitlin Laurent
Warm, welcoming, encouraging, 2nd home... just a few reasons this place is A-MAZING. Workouts just became FUN - Neen
The best experience you will ever have. A comfortable environment for all ages, shapes and sizes. The most supportive staff, team and members that you will ever find.  - Sew Biz
The best part about our classes is you don't need to have dance experience!

We recently surveyed our members and asked them how many of them did some form of dancing before they started Pole. The results might surprise you - many of our clients had never danced prior to starting Pole!
1,863+ Success Stories and Counting... Will You Be Next?

All of our classes incorporate elements of strength, flexibility and stamina. There are no pre-requisites for joining our program. We don't expect you to start with any level of fitness or prior knowledge of Pole & Aerial.

Our program is designed around three types of classes - Tricks, Conditioning and Dance. Every class on the timetable runs for 60 minutes. 
In our Tricks classes you’ll learn all the current and trending tricks. We’ll teach you how to move into a trick, safely exit a trick and then put it together into a combination. 

Our Trick classes have progressive levels. Every beginner starts at our Foundation level. As you improve and develop your skills, you will have the opportunity to move up to the next level with more advanced tricks and combinations.
Our Conditioning classes are designed to complement your Pole training by working on improving your strength, flexibility and stamina. 

Do you dream of doing the splits? Maybe you need to strengthen your core or improve your upper body strength? Our Conditioning classes are a great place to work on areas of improvement.
Finally our Dance based classes will get you out of your mind and into your body. They're both on and off the Pole and include all different types of music genres and styles of dance.

Our Dance based classes will get the body moving, the heart pumping and will dramatically increase the calories you burn - all while your focused on the routine!
Courtney's Story: Battle Post Natal Depression with the Support of a Loving Community!
"Recently i've had another baby and have suffered quite severely with Post Natal Depression this time around... And the more that I push myself to come here, the happier that I am just because it's really important to find time just for me. I run around all day - I'm exhausted! But I get here and I feel free.

The biggest thing to this day of this place, is how much it is truely like a family. Everybody's passionate and loves being here - that's what makes it amazing! As daunting as it can be, we are welcomed here and you will be too."
A group of empowering strong humans who provide a safe non judgemental place to have fun, build muscle, perform routines and be the best you can be. Highly recommend!!! - Fiona
If you are looking for a place to feel inspired, encouraged and empowered then the pole room is for you! It's fun, it's positive and it's for anybody and everybody! - Ashley
Slept really well and woke up with energy and a smile...and some initiation bruises that I proudly showed off to my colleagues at work.
Thank you! - Eryn
1,863+ Success Stories and Counting... Will You Be Next?
When you're at the studio your goal may be to nail that demon trick, hit your flat splits or perfect your own routine.

Pole is skill based so instead of counting reps and sets, you're counting the number of tricks and combinations you can perform. The health benefits of our program are simply the by-product of what we call 'Fun, Challenging and Empowering Exercise".

The results of our program will flow into every area of your life.

So whether you just want a killer workout, to learn a new skill that will wow your friends, or even compete on the big stage, The Pole Room is for you!
Lauren's Story: Why the Pole Room is a Supportive and Free Space!
"When I first started, I hated my body.
I'd rock up in very long shorts, long t-shirts because I didn't want to show my legs or my stomach. And as the weeks go by and progress, suddenly the shorts get shorter, the tops get shorter because you realise nobody in the class is judging you on how you look.

You feel amazing because nobody's standing there going, she has the wrong body type or she shouldn't do that.
This is just a free space where you get to be comfortable in your own skin and knowing you're not getting judged by the person next to you. They're ready to embrace you for the everything that you are."

An amazing place filled with amazing souls! An endless array of tricks and dances to conquer and master!!  - Jess
The warmest, inclusive, motivating environment I have experienced. Pole - it's not what you think! - Melissa
Amazing studio, everyone is lovely, kind, helpful and passionate! Always leave there better than when I walked in ❤️❤️❤️- Demi
1,863+ Success Stories and Counting... Will You Be Next?
So let me ask you a simple question...

What kind of life would a stronger, fitter and more confident version of yourself live?

Our philosophy is simple. 

When we start to love and accept ourselves we make better decisions, to eat well, live well and nurture our mental and physical well being. When we exercise, we release endorphins and live happier and more fulfilled lives. When we surround ourselves with a supportive community we become more self assured. 

I promise that the results of our program will flow into every area of your life! 

So, what’s next? 

Honestly, that’s up to you. Do you really want to think in a month or two, I really wish I had given that a go? Do you really want to think in a years time, image if I had started a year ago? And if you were wondering is it worth it? ummm YES, you are worth it! 

This is your chance. I’m asking you to challenge yourself. Stop living in your comfort zone. Step out and achieve things at our studios that you never thought possible! 

If you're still reading then I'm confident it's because you are looking for a challenge. You want to join a fun and supportive community that will push you into becoming that fit, strong and more self-assured version of yourself.

So click on the 'Enrol In Pole Kickstart' button below and let’s get started!
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